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A true highlight of the wildlife in and around Mayanja River Lodge are the more than 420 bird species of the area. This makes Mayanja a haven for all birders! Some of the notable birds found here are shoebills, spur winged geese, common crakes. They can be seen on nature walks, from the serebetis and on the canoe cruises

The second highlight in terms of wildlife at Mayanja is the East African Sitatunga. It is a antelope, found in swamplands, thus making it very difficult to spot in national parks as access to swampy areas is generally not well maintained or simply not present. From Mayanja, however, you will have the opportunity to spot this elusive antelope from one of the ten raised wooden platforms in the papyrus swamp surrounding the Kafu and Mayanja Rivers.


The huge Kafu River Basin stretches along Lake Kyoga, Kafu & Mayanja Rivers and covers the seven districts of Luwero, Nakaseke, Nakasongola, Kiboga, Kyankwanzi, Kiryandongo and Masindi covering about 5,000,000 hectares.

The landscape in Kafu consists mainly of Papyrus swamps and dense bush thickets. The main commercial activity in this area is cattle ranches/farms, to which we will happily organize a visit should you so wish.

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